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Why choose us? 

A rated new boilers

All of our new boilers come with a manufacturer warranty for complete peace of mind. The Viessmann boiler will come with up to a 12 year warranty.

Honest and accurate pricing

We provide fast and accurate estimates with no hidden fees or costs. Call us today to arrange your free estimate.

Friendly professional service

We are Gas Safe registered and follow strict practice guidelines to ensure you receive a first class and reliable service. We are proud members of Checkatrade, check out our reviews!

New boiler installation

A new boiler install is not as daunting as you may think...

If your boiler breaks down you will quickly want to remedy this to

limit the days and nights you are without heating or hot water.

You can rely on us to get you back up and running as soon as possible, whether that is repairing your existing boiler or a new boiler installation.

We have years of experience behind us and have seen almost every type of boiler and heating system breakdown, so we know what needs to be done to put things right and get you up and running again.

We can help you to chose the right boiler for you whether its a combi boiler, system boiler or a regular boiler and also tell you what size boiler you require for your home to ensure you stay nice and warm.



12 year warranty

We are Viessmann approved engineers which means we have been trained by Viessmann and can offer up to a 12 year warranty on new boiler installations. We can also offer Vaillant and Glowworm boilers with 10 year warranties.

Did you know?

Viessmann were awarded Which? best buy boilers 3 years in a row.

Source: www.viessmann.co.uk/residential/best-buy-boilers

Types of new boiler 

We install all types of boiler

Combi boiler

Regular / conventional boiler

System boiler

Makes of boiler

We can install any make of boiler you would like installed but our preference and recommendation would be a Viessmann boiler as we know they are great quality, German made with quality German engineering and come with up to a 12 year warranty.

Other makes

There are many other makes of boiler on the market. We also have experience in installing Vaillant and Glow-worm boilers, so whatever you preference, we're here for you.

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