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Tap Repairs
West Sussex

Tap repairs or replacement


Is that dripping or broken tap driving you mad?

Why do we put up with it for so long?

Dripping tap?

Stiff tap handle?

Is your tap leaking?

Maybe your simply wont turn off?

We are professional plumbing and heating engineers who have a wealth of experience in fixing all sorts of plumbing related problems, broken taps are no exception.

These days, tap repairs can be so much more than just simply replacing a washer like in the 'good old days'. With modern taps being made more complicated and efficient a wealth of experience is required to source the correct replacement parts and get them fixed.

Where we are based in West Sussex, especially in the areas we cover such as Arundel, Bognor Regis, Chichester & Littlehampton, the water is really 'hard' because of the chalky south downs. This means there is lots of limescale within our water supply which causes problems with our plumbing systems and especially our taps.

Tap repairs

We rely on our taps and take them for granted. But when they break, they become a real nuisance and we need them fixed as quickly as possible.

Gone are the days where you could simply just replace a tap washer. Although there are a few of these types of taps still kicking around, most modern taps require much more experience and knowledge to be able to fix.

Get in touch today so we can book a convenient appointment to get your tap fixed so it no longer causes you an issue.


Tap problems

  • Constant dripping tap

  • Reduced water flow

  • Unable to control temperature

  • Leaking tap

  • Tap spout or body leaking

  • Tap handle seized

We can get your tap fixed so it is no longer a nuisance to you, allowing you to carry on with your day to day life with one less thing to worry about.

For replacement taps or repairs in and around the Arundel, Bognor Regis, Chichester areas, get in touch today.


Who would like a new tap installed?

Instead of repairing your old tap, it sometimes makes sense to just replace your tap for a new one.

Some taps are beyond repair and in some cases the spare parts are almost as expensive as a set of brand new taps, so it would make sense to fit the new taps instead of repairing the old.

Let us know what type of tap you have or what style of tap you would like it replaced with and we can send you an estimate to fit them for you.

We can 'supply and fit', or just 'fit' if you would prefer to supply your own.

If you do decide to supply your own, please be aware in most cases 'you get what you pay for' when it comes to taps.

Our preferred manufacturer of tap is Bristan, most come with a 5 or 10 year manufacturer's warranty and they have a great spares service should you require spare parts in the future.

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