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Broken boiler that needs to be repaired

Repairing your boiler 

We are fully Gas Safe registered and trained in repairing boilers, which enables us to get to work on your boiler straight away to diagnose the fault.

We understand that boiler repairs can be costly, so once we have diagnosed the fault with your boiler, we will send you an estimate for the repair work before we proceed.

We aim to provide the best customer service we can and to get your broken boiler up and running as quickly as we can.

Boiler repairs and maintenance

Boiler broken? We can fix it for you.

Are you looking for a local boiler repair company in the Arundel, Bognor Regis, Chichester and Littlehampton area? 

We can help with all types of emergency repairs and maintenance to your boiler as well as your entire heating system.  

Whether you need a new heating system pump, 3 port valve, zone valve or a leaking radiator replaced, we are here to help. 

Do you have that one annoying radiator that just won't warm up? Do your radiators warm up when you only want you hot water on? 

 Give us a call and we will get the issue resolved. 

How Long?

Boilers breakdown for a variety of different reasons.

It could be down to a faulty pump, fan, gas valve, switch, sensor, low water pressure, an interrupted gas supply, split parts, perished hoses, blockages, blocked condense or may other reasons.

To enable us to diagnose your problem effectively we remove the boiler cover and inspect the inside of your boiler carefully.

We have many years experience which helps us to know what we are looking for and the most effective way to repair your boiler.

Once we have diagnosed the problem we will send you an estimate for the repair work. If it's a straightforward repair we could get this done the same day for you, even if it means returning later on the same day.

If parts need to be ordered we will return to you as soon as they arrive in stock to get you up and running again.

Boiler breakdown

Cost of repairing your boiler

We know the cost of repairing your boiler can be expensive, so to help you we charge a one off 'Diagnosis' charge, which will cover us coming to your home to diagnose the fault.

After we have diagnosed the fault we will send you an estimate to fix your boiler.

We could also send you a price for a replacement boiler if you wish, so you can compare the costs of getting your boiler repaired to replacing your boiler for a new one that could come with up to a 12 year warranty for complete piece of mind.

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