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Enhancing Comfort and Accessibility: A Case Study in Toilet Pan Replacement in Chichester


In the world of plumbing, every installation or replacement isn't just about functionality; it's about enhancing the quality of life for our customers. Recently, we had the privilege of assisting a customer in Chichester who was facing mobility challenges. Her standard height toilet pan was causing discomfort and difficulty due to her mobility issues. Understanding the importance of accessibility and comfort, we embarked on a journey to transform her bathroom experience.


The Challenge:

Our customer, Mrs Smith from Chichester, approached us with a common yet significant problem. Despite having a well-functioning bathroom, she struggled with using her standard height toilet pan due to mobility issues. This struggle not only impacted her daily routine but also compromised her comfort and independence. Recognising the importance of addressing her needs promptly, we decided to assess the situation and provide a viable solution.


The Solution:

After a thorough assessment of her bathroom and considering her specific requirements, we proposed replacing the existing standard height toilet pan with a comfort height pan. Unlike traditional toilet pans, this comfort height pan was designed to be approximately 40mm higher, offering greater ease of use, especially for individuals with mobility issues or those who find standard height pans uncomfortable. This simple yet effective solution promised to significantly enhance Mrs. Smith's comfort and overall bathroom experience.


The Outcome:

Following the installation of the comfort height toilet pan, the transformation in Mrs. Smith's bathroom experience was remarkable. The elevated height provided greater ease of use, allowing her to comfortably and confidently use the toilet without the previous struggles. The small adjustment made a significant difference in her daily routine, restoring her sense of independence and dignity. Witnessing the positive impact on Mrs. Smith's life reaffirmed our commitment to not only providing quality plumbing services but also improving the well-being of our valued customers.



At Stembridge, we understand that every customer is unique, and their needs deserve personalised attention and solutions. The case of Mrs. Smith, from Chichester, exemplifies our dedication to enhancing comfort, accessibility, and quality of life through our plumbing services. Whether it's a simple repair or a transformative installation like the one described, we strive to exceed expectations and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers. If you or a loved one are facing similar challenges, don't hesitate to reach out. Let us help you transform your bathroom experience for the better.

A standard height, white toilet pan.
The original standard height toilet pan that Mrs Smith was struggling to use, due to her mobility issues.

The toilet pan in the photo below is the new comfort height version, which is about 40mm higher than the existing, allowing greater access and comfort.

A white toilet pan which is comfort height.
The toilet pan in the photo below is the new comfort height version, which is about 40mm higher than the existing, allowing greater access and comfort.

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